Readings for $100 and up

This is who I am

I am a soul re-alignment practitioner. When we are brought together, probably by coincidence, you are most likely ready for change. You only do not really know how, when, where and which direction to go, but something is bothering you. You most likely have attained a high level of awareness of what life on Earth is about, but are not exactly clear how to become a true free spirit.

To stand in your own power is to stand up for the value you perceive of yourself. The more you offer a product or a service that is congruent to who you are, the more money you can ask. Being ready for change means that you know that there a lot of things in your life that are going great but something is also missing. It’s a feeling in your gut telling you this. It means you are mis-aligned to your purpose. It might be a little bit but it also might be a lot.At a very young age I wanted to help people with their struggles

Through having access to the Akashic Records I can see who you are to the core of your being. This part is non-negotiable at all times. This is your authentic you. I can see your soul’s energy and I can also see where you are blocked on your path. This is incredible knowledge! With this knowledge you are able to tell how true you are to your own path. When you think for real about a path, you can also imagine roadblocks that deviate us from our goal. These roadblocks can be persistent in occurring situations.

Remove roadblocks at all costs.

These are important things that are hard to figure out all by yourself. Very often we made bad choices in another life time but we have no memory of this at all. The energy however is still in our field and causes us trouble. Think about it as a virus in your computer. By clearing this we shed ourselves from negativity to a level of freedom in which we can finally manifest whatever we want.

Karma means cause and effect.

All you need is to become conscious of the entities that are causing you trouble and they will go. They need to go, because they have been trapped all this time and want to move on as well as you do. I have done a study about how to help people like you and had amazing results. The more we are able to achieve a thorough understanding together, the more you will uplift your energy.

The basic price for a consult is $300 per reading for three sessions. If you are not sure you want to work with me I can do a mini-session for $100, but remember, this is not just a fortune telling joke of some sorts. This is valuable information, that allows you to navigate through life in a far more conscious way than you ever did before.

I need your birth date and place, name at birth and current name as it shows on your tax-returns. We can have the first session over the phone (count one hour) or Skype. After that the energy needs to re-adjust for 21 days after which we have our last session. You will be amazed how much will change in your life during that time.