August 20, 2015
August 24, 2015

Fishing for Money

My car payment of $329.31 was due yesterday. I scraped all the dollar bills in the house and in my car together, picked quarters up from the floor and arrived at $30 even. “Now what?” I thought, and suppressed a feeling of panic. Instead of the abundance of money I was expecting, I could not pay my dues. My coaching program with Bob Proctor has taught me how to affirm a different reality than the one I was living. I moved to the table where I always sit to dream about another life.  Out loud I spoke the following words, barely believing it.

“I am happy and grateful now that there is money coming from all different directions in an ever increasing amount on a consistent basis.”  I reviewed my actions of the weeks prior to this moment and asked myself if I could have done anything different to avoid this moment.

“Have I been nice to people? Have I tried to sell stuff, anything? Or have I been lazy and unfriendly?”

“Do I deserve to attract money, create abundance or is there anything I need to change?”

My conclusion was; I have to let spirit perform its tasks trough me and allow magic to happen.

After sitting there for a while I felt an urge to open the front door. It was as if the room all of a sudden had grown too small. In all my life, the true stories I lived were so unbelievable that nobody would ever think I was telling the truth. When I told a story I made up, people thought it was real. That is how I learned to make up stories, but this one IS real.

I opened the door and on the mat were 300 dollar bills. See, I said you would not believe me! But listen to what happened next. There is a catch. On top of the bills was a fish as big as a snapper. I could not make sense of all this weirdness but since I still was in the upper realms of the invisible world I asked the fish

“What’s up?” He was in bad shape; anybody could see that. In order to bring him back to life I filled a bucket with salt water and watched him improve somewhat.

“Well,” he said, “I really need to find food because I cannot eat these dollar bills. “How come you are here?” I asked him.

“Somebody wrapped me in them and said I could get rich fast when I would invest,” He said after gasping some air. “Somebody told me you are a practitioner of soul realignment and I need to know how to live in abundance.”

“Well,” I said, “Not here, that’s for sure.”

He continued, “But I asked the squirrel and he said there was so much abundance here that I would easily survive, more than that, I would thrive. He told me you don’t have to put effort into attracting prosperity; you just have to grab it. He even showed me how to climb up the tree at no charge, but I am so clumsy I fell off. I feel pretty stupid. The squirrel is smart but I am such a loser”

“Aha,” I said, “I am seeing the picture now.” 

“Listen, you don’t belong here. You belong in the ocean. The sea has enough food for you to live in abundance too, so I will take you there. You are only a little lost.”

I drove to the beach with the bucket and returned him to his home, relieving him of his pain. The price for a consult was exactly what I would ask, but more than that, now I could pay my bill. Positive thinking and allowing the spirit to work its magic through me worked. It is the Law, you know. It always works.

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