Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified

August 18, 2015
August 20, 2015

Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified

Your chance

Most of you know that I have been studying with Andrea Hess for almost two years now. When I was looking for answers about negativity in my life she explained me what was going on in the invisible world. From the knowledge of the Akashic Records we got into money affirmations to attract wealth and abundance. I just could not figure out why I was not achieving the prosperity I so much wanted. Personal development starts where we refuse to accept a reality that does not fit our dreams.The negativity around me, she explained, was partly because I am highly sensitive to it and absorb it even if it is not mine. She also taught me how to reject it. This was powerful stuff that created awareness but still no abundance of money. So why is it that some things seem SO HARD to manifest?  Why is it that all of our efforts create absolutely no results sometimes?

The paradigm

There was more to the whole picture that I did not know. There is also negativity within me, in my DNA that I was not aware of. It is the paradigm that creeps in on moments that would lead me to the success I so much desire. It is my upbringing, the messages from my depressed father who always saw the worst things happen in every situation.This is so deeply rooted that it clings to every attempt to move forward.

Somebody else’s reality

The most surprising thing to me was that I needed practice clients in order to understand myself better, which is so natural!! Of course we see the problems of other people so much easier than the ones of ourself because when you are the mountain, you are unable to see the mountain. I noticed that people who wanted readings done by me, to know who they really are, came to me in all sorts of different ways. I never made a campaign of sorts or a real business of it.

Creating a business

Today I am changing this because I know I can help people finding answers that they have been looking for. It does not always have to be dramatic situations that they are trying to resolve. Very often it is a simpel adjustment to a stubborn complaint.


I am here for you for a reading if you think you are ready, but there is more. I am absolutely excited that Andrea has a new course coming up; Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified, so I can deepen my knowledge and understanding about this subject. Andrea has been reading the Akashic Records, studying the human Soul and teaching others to do the same for the last ten years, and has created remarkable results in her own life as well as for her students with this work! I don’t think I will ever stop studying this material because it is fascinating to me. To be able to change into an abundance mentality that will create prosperity is my only goal at this moment. I want to give you the chance to study with her as well. And if you click some buttons here and there it will bring you automatically to the sites that explain a lot more than I can do. I think you’ll really find this webinar immensely valuable!  You’ll even receive a replay if you can’t make it to the “live” event.You can sign up here:

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