Learning curve

When I talk about path and purpose I am talking about living your daily life always with your purpose in the back of your mind. Your purpose is determined when you were born. It is like you were given a small piece of paper at birth with some words that indicated your unique mission. It is up to you to figure out your destiny. In the meantime, you have to learn to walk, to read, to make money, to drive a car and to socialize with others.


Although these are all things we need to learn and they take effort, they have nothing to do with your uniqueness. So how do you know what you purpose is? You know when you are happy. You know when you have everything you want and more. If there is just the slightest doubt or discussion about what happiness might be, you are not getting it.

Some people say, when you fake happiness you will eventually get it. This is not true.


When you can totally visualize what will make you happy, and you have faith that one day you will get what you want, you can anticipate this happiness. It is said that if you are honestly able to do this, you pull the moment of getting what you want towards you. This is because you already are creating the vibration within yourself that will resonate with the outward circumstances.

Recently I had an argument with somebody about the truth of a certain situation. I have been lied to for fifteen years and I know for sure when somebody tries to manipulate my mind by twisting the truth and make me feel like I am the one who is insane. I had to clarify that this mind manipulation is not working for me anymore. “I see right through it.” This person responded, “You are angry and thus you are negative” The expression of emotion is not negative, suppressing it is. Even more interesting, I could not talk about the incident because the ‘vibration’ was negative and therefore I had to pretend it never happened.

Love, Light and Truth

Pretending false living is so far removed from anyone’s divinity that I feel the need to write about it. What is the difference between truly believing inward in a manifestation that has not happened yet and just plain lying about your situation? I want you to think about it. Picture yourself walking on a road in the mountains. You can envision your destination and be happy about reaching it although it is still far away and there is nothing that gives you a sign that you will get there. It might lay around the bend. When you deviate off your path because you get distracted by somebody else, your compass will show that you are not on your path anymore. Telling yourself this is not so does not help any visualizations. You can meditate all day about the car, the house, the partner you want, but if your compass tells you that you are walking away from your destiny, you will never reach it.

Deceiving yourself is the opposite of finding your divinity. I hope this makes sense. For me it does.

October 11, 2015


Learning curve When I talk about path and purpose I am talking about living your daily life always with your purpose in the back of your […]